Flow-MER Fridays: Series 1

Webinar 5: Fish population diversity and abundance in the MDB

The Fish Theme of the Flow-MER program is evaluating the contribution of Commonwealth environmental water to fish population diversity and abundance across the Murray-Darling Basin. The research program includes two innovative projects:

Research Project F1: Fish population models to inform Commonwealth environmental watering.
Research Project F2: Flow, movement and fish population dynamics in the MDB.

Using existing field data, these projects will apply cutting-edge techniques including: population modelling, acoustic fish tracking data and otolith (i.e. earbones) microchemistry, to answer questions about where and why fish move, and how best to provide environmental water to support key life-history processes.

In this webinar video, we discuss fish population models and integrated analysis of fish movement data to illustrate river system connectivity. We explore two key questions:

  1. What is the contribution of Commonwealth environmental water to key native fish population processes, including movement, reproduction and survival at local and regional scales?
  2. How can this research inform environmental water delivery to enhance native fish populations?


Jason Thiem

Brenton Zampatti

Charles Todd

Ivor Stuart

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