Cross-Cutting Theme: Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is the graphical representation of information and data. The Flow-MER data visualisation team will integrate knowledge generated across the Program, and present it in ways that assist environmental water managers and stakeholders to interpret and understand the benefits of water for the environment.

The role of data visualisation

Most field observations and modelling results that consider water for the environment are for individual sites or individual species, and can be very specific measurements, for example, tree density cover. It can be challenging to understand what these results mean for managing water for the environment, and how environmental managers can apply these results to the real world.

The role of the Flow-MER data visualisation team is to work with researchers to highlight trends and patterns across multiple datasets, and to communicate relationships across research fields and locations, while taking into account the assumptions and caveats under which the data was collected, or the models run.

Australian National Aquatic Ecosytem (ANAE) mapping along the Murray River. Credit: Shane Brooks.

Our approach

As part of Flow-MER, the data visualisation team will be integrating the various datasets from each of the Basin Themes and Selected Areas in ways that will assist managers to understand the ecological and environmental impacts of environmental watering activities. This will enable managers to interpret and compare management actions, so that they can plan and implement future environmental watering strategies that will maximise benefits to ecological communities.

Activities will include Theme-based and Basin-wide visualisations, which will evaluate and communicate the basin theme findings on the spatial and temporal impacts of water for the environment.

Our team

Martin Nolan

Martin is a CSIRO Land and Water Senior Experimental Scientist with expertise in spatial data analysis, modelling and data visualisation. Martin’s passion is for transforming data into information that can be used to improve our understanding of the complex world we live in, aid decision making and help navigate a sustainable pathway to the future.

Susan Cuddy

Susan is a researcher at CSIRO Land and Water. She has worked extensively in resource management projects in Australia (focussed on water & ecological condition) and internationally (focussed on water & livelihoods). She brings expertise and years of experience in project governance, including management of knowledge products, and design and implementation of reporting and data management workflows.

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