Flow-MER Fridays: Series 1

Webinar 3: Identification, characterisation and management of refuge habitat

As part of the Flow-MER Biodiversity Basin Theme, we are learning and understanding more about aquatic refugia habitats, their characteristics, and the species they support.

Refugia are places that stay wet and cool when it’s hot and dry. They are important because they enable flora and fauna to persist during low/no flow and then recover, disperse and recolonise following the return of flow. Examples of refugia are deep waterholes in intermittent streams, perennial waterbodies, areas that receive cool groundwater inputs and shady riparian areas.

This webinar video looks at the work being undertaken to locate refugia and identify how refuge habitats change over time, and explores two questions:

  1. What are the characteristics that define, identify and describe refugia habitats across the Basin?
  2. What are patterns of refuge use and habitat suitability for water dependent species with a focus on fish, turtles, frogs and bats?


Dr. Joanne Bennett

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