New Cultural Advisors for Gwydir and Warrego-Darling regions

by FLOW-MER • December 15, 2021
New Cultural Advisors for Gwydir and Warrego-Darling regions Gingham Waterhole of the Gwydir Wetlands. Photo credit: UNE. “Our country and our water sustained Aboriginal people since time immemorial and are crucial for our health, our spirit and our web of life, thus the survival of all species” - Liz Taylor A new pilot program in [...]

Managing aquatic meadows in the Lowbidgee

by FLOW-MER • December 2, 2021
Managing aquatic meadows in the Lowbidgee Authors: Dr Damian Michael and Associate Professor Skye Wassens The Murrumbidgee River originates from wet heath and alpine bog communities in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales where it then flows north through the ACT before veering west to merge with the Murray River 1,485 km downstream.  As [...]


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