Water for the environment assists an endangered snake

by FLOW-MER • February 20, 2020

Authors: Dr Damian Michael, Gaye Bourke and Associate Professor Skye Wassens (Charles Sturt University, Institute for Land, Water and Society, Albury NSW). The regulation of rivers and waterways has had a profound effect on biodiversity across the Murray-Darling Basin, especially species that breed in ephemeral wetlands. While the focus of environmental watering actions are often […]

Investigating the link between water flows and Murray cod recruitment in the Lower Murray

by Luciana Bucater • February 18, 2020

Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii) is Australia’s largest freshwater fish, reaching lengths of 1.4 m and weights of over 50kg, and living for up to 48 years. An iconic species of the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB), Murray cod forms an integral part of Aboriginal dreaming stories, was once harvested commercially, and continues to support an important recreational […]


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