Flow-MER Fridays — Autumn 2024

by Chris Walsh • June 12, 2024
Flow-MER Fridays — Autumn 2024 Our Flow-MER Fridays line-up this Autumn includes: Environmental Water: Supporting the right plants in the right places — Recording available Flows, fish and connectivity — Recording available Species conservation in the age of uncertainty — Recording available This series of Flow-MER Fridays has now concluded. Recordings of each session are [...]

Many of the tracks to monitoring sites through private property were cut by the floods. Photo credit, John Trethewie, CSU.

The importance of monitoring during floods

by Margrit Beemster • February 2, 2023
The importance of monitoring during the floods Author: Margrit Beemster In 2022 and early 2023 there was unregulated flooding in parts of the Murray River following several months of record-breaking rainfall in parts of the catchment. Despite the many challenges posed by the floods, a team of researchers who have been undertaking environmental monitoring in [...]

Monitoring of refuge patches created in the Edward/Kolety River by environmental water

by Margrit Beemster • February 2, 2023
Monitoring of refuge patches created in the Edward/Kolety River by environmental water Author: Margrit Beemster Banner image: Environmental water being released at the Lawson syphon escape into the Edward Kolety River near Deniliquin. Photo credit, Sam Lewis Following widespread flooding in spring and summer 2022/2023, hypoxic blackwater conditions have developed throughout the Murray River system [...]

Learning More About Ephemeral Creeks

by Margrit Beemster • January 18, 2023
Learning More About Ephemeral Creeks Author: Margrit Beemster Featured Photo: Dr Xiaoying (Sha sha) Liu collecting eDNA samples from Jimaringle Creek in the first round of sampling. Photo credit: E. Blackman   With the extensive flooding and rainfall that has occurred throughout much of the Murray-Darling Basin, Nature has delivered its own “environmental water” to the [...]

Series 2 Webisode 3 – Characterising environmental flows using hydrology

by FLOW-MER • March 15, 2021
Flow-MER Fridays: Series 2 Webinar 3: Characterising environmental flows using hydrology This talk provides an overview of the functional flows approach for the establishment of environmental flow requirements aimed at protecting multiple ecological endpoints and evaluating catchment conditions. It further discusses the integration of this approach in the Basin-wide modelling being undertaken in the Flow-MER [...]


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